In the area of ​​+ 9 Ha it can be used to accommodate at the same time for repair activities of 6 (six) barges with sizes up to 370 Feet, Tug Boat 6 (six) up to a length of size + 30.0 M and one Space for Ships new building of 5000 GT. For Floating Repair Facilities Water in front of the shipyard can accommodate half of the amount above. In carrying out its services in addition to the hull construction work, also the work of over haul machines, propeller shafts and electrical installations. It is noted that we already have customers both regional, national and foreign. Ships which are repaired by PT. DML Our Dockyard Cover International Insurance and National Insurance to ensure customer certainty and satisfaction and be strengthened again with the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate that we have obtained. Within 10 years of its establishment, we have collaborated and trusted by several leading companies to support their shipping business, including:

  1. PT. Mitra Bahtera Segara Sejati, Tbk
  2. PT. Martim Barito Perkasa
  3. PT. Rig Tenders Indonesia
  4. PT. Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line Tbk.
  5. PT. Bina Buana Raya
  6. PT. Borneo Nusa Persada
  7. PT. Batuah Abadi Line
  8. PT. Masada Jaya Line
  9. PT. Hasnur Internasional Shipping
  10. PT. Pelita Samudra Shipping
  11. PT. Matano Mandiri Line
  12. PT. Dharma Lautan Utama
  13. PT. Lintas Borneo
  14. PT. Tri Sukses Wanatama
  15. PT. Trans Coal Pasific
  16. PT. Energy Transporter Indonesia
  17. PT. Baruna Coal Logistic
  18. PT. Kartika Samudra Adijaya
  19. PT. Pelindo Marine Service
  20. PT. Indonesia Bulk Carier
  21. PT. AKR Sea Transport
  22. PT. Jhonlin Marine Trans
  23. PT. Meratus Advance Maritim
  24. PT. Dutabahari Menara Line
  25. PT. Sinar Alam Duta Perdana
  26. PT. Atrin Marina Graha

Dari Januari s/d Oktober 2016 telah kami lakukan kegiatan repair tongkang 68 Buah dan Repair Kapal 68 Buah, Pembuatan Kapal Baru 4 Buah.